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My name is Evelyn Freed. My life is about helping others! The four cornerstones of my life are: faith, family, friends, and philanthropy. I am one of two daughters of James and Naomi Wilden. Our family started from humble beginnings in Riverside County where I grew up knowing what it is like not to have. My early life taught it is possible to live a rich life without having material things.

The Evelyn Foundation was created to embody the living principles of my life toward Christian centered, life changing organizations; their start-up development, and expansion. You will see from exploring the Foundation website God has given me the opportunity to help a number of organizations grow and reach people in the world who are in need, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I believe all good things come from both a healthy faith in Jesus Christ and a God centered daily application of the principles laid out in the Bible.

My mission is to support causes which spread the word of the Christian God throughout the world and reach people who are in need spiritually, mentally, and physically.

May your life be rich in family and may your relationship with God be continuous and fulfilled.


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